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Background Investigations

Address History Report

Provides Name, Age, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Current Address and Previous Addresses.  This is a National Report with data derived credit header files, the national change of address database, telephone directories, and proprietary databases which are continuously updated.  Oftentimes, this is the first logical Investigative Step as it provides a Subject's identifying information. 

Premium Profile Background Report

Provides Computerized Background check including, but not limited to, Nationwide Criminal Records search, Arrest Records Search, Sex Offender Search, Possible Relatives, Neighbors and Roommates, Real Property Owned, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Civil Judgment, Evictions, and Professional Licenses.

Criminal Records Search

Provides on-site Criminal Records searches of Clark County, Nevada Courthouses. Frequently, individuals may be Charged with a Criminal Action that has not yet been Adjudicated.  In these instances, the Computerized Searches may indicate a person's Arrest but fail to show the Conviction.  On-site Record Searches are the only way to obtain full disclosure of an Individual's Criminal / Civil Court Case History.

Skip Trace and Utility Searches

Utility Searches

Utility Searches provide any information the Utility Companies in the area have on file for the Subject, including, Active and Closed Accounts, Status of Accounts, Telephone Number(s), Work Information and a Verified Address.

Skip Trace

Skip Trace Search provides Physical Address to contact the Subject which may be a Work Address. Information obtained may also contain phone numbers, relatives, associates, etc., found during search.

Telephone Searches

Telephone Number Locate

A Phone Number Locate provides either a Landline or Cellular telephone number for the Subscriber's Social Security Number searched.

Telephone Number into Name and Address

A Phone Number into Name and Address search provides the Subscriber's Name, Address and possibly Social Security Number for the Telephone Number searched.

NV Vehicle Registration*

Provides Vehicle Identification Number, Year, Make and Model, Registered Owner's Name and Address, Expiration and Last Transaction Dates

NV Driver's License*

Provides an Individual's Name, Physical and Mailing Address, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Driver's License Number, Expiration Date, Class, Restrictions and Last Transaction Date. 

*Nevada has very restrictive privacy laws relating to the release of DMV records.  Generally, a person cannot get any information on a specific driver license or vehicle registration without the consent from the person about whom the information is requested.  However, there are exceptions, and based upon the Investigative requirements of your case this information can prove to be invaluable.

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