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Cheating Spouses / Domestic Infidelity

One would imagine that a typical day in the life of a Private Investigator in Las Vegas would involve following a cheating spouse around the glitter and glitz of the Strip while taking photographs and video of them in the act of betrayal of their loved one.  That the constant vigil of being witness to this domestic infidelity would damage the psyche of the investigator and that the world view of the investigator would become jaded and all aspects of trust would be eroded.  However, in spite of the statistics which are often quoted which seem to demonstrate that a disproportionate of marriages end in divorce and that partners in committed relationships are likely to cheat, I have found that this is to be not true.  In my years of experience in conducting surveillances of suspected cheating spouses, I have found that it is only about 50 percent that actually cheat on their spouse or significant other.  I can't say that it never happens but I can say that it doesn't happen as often as our collective thought as a society would imagine.  Yes, it is disappointing to catch someone's partner in the act of betrayal and it is even more difficult to relay this information to my client, however my experience as a Private Investigator has taught me that it is better for my Clients to know the truth than to continue accepting someone else's lies and acts of betrayal.

When you call Sin City Private Investigators, rest assured that your privacy is protected and that we will treat you with respect and sensitivity, with an understanding of the difficult situation you are faced with.  We will discreetly follow your loved one and report to you his or her activities.  Whether they are innocently enjoying the company of fellow convention goers or they are succumbing to the carnal temptations of another, we will document their behavior with photographs and video.  This evidence will be provided to you in a timely basis, oftentimes within minutes via SMS text messaging or email.  In fact, I have found that in today's world of instant communication it is easiest to keep in constant contact with my clients via text messaging.  Instead of waiting until the following day to find out what happened in Vegas the night before, you will know what your spouse or loved one is doing as she / he is doing it.

With over 30 years of conducting successful investigations utilizing various investigative tools such as surveillances, both in serving as a Special Agent with the FBI for 22 years and 8 years as a licensed Private Investigator in Nevada, I know that every case is unique with it's own set of twists and turns.  Just like fingerprints, no two surveillances are the same.  We work with our clients to understand the traits and personalities of our surveillance subject.  The more information you can provide to us (recent photographs, physical description, itinerary, etc.), the better we can plan and execute a successful surveillance.  Call us at (702) 203-3130.

Call (702) 203-3130

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