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Pre-Employment Background Investigations

Hiring an honest, trustworthy person perfectly suited for a particular position within your company can be a difficult challenge.  As an employer, you are interested in hiring someone with the knowledge, skills and abilities to handle the job assignments.  Not only do you need to access their abilities, but you need to know if they have a criminal history or financial issues and you need to verify that the information contained in their application is accurate.  Obviously you would not want to hire someone registered  as a Sex Offender to work with children, but you also don't want to hire someone who claims to have a degree in Childhood Education but does not.  Sin City Private Investigators can provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the person you are considering for a particular position within your company is who she/he says they are.

We offer a comprehensive background investigation that satisfies your company's hiring needs.  We run database searches on the prospective employee to determine their Criminal History Profile and whether they are financially responsible.  However we do not depend on just the information found on-line, actually there are no databases that contain an applicant's "real" job history nor is there a National database of all criminal records.  To find this information takes the experience of a trained professional investigator.  Sin City Private Investigators utilizes information gleaned from many sources, including the prospective employee's own application, information from databases and information obtained from interviews and research conducted at the source.  We conduct a real investigation in a fast, effective and affordable manner. 

When you need reliable and accurate information upon which you will formulate your decision to hire an employee, someone you will trust with your money and the keys to your front door, first hire Sin City Private Investigators.  We are not some internet only screening company that provides a questionable product at best.  We are trained investigative professionals devoted to providing you with our expertise by providing you with comprehensive Pre-Employment Investigative Reports which you can rely on to make your hiring decisions.  Call us today at 1-833-746-28744.  

Call 1-833-746-2874

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