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Special Agent, FBI (Retired)

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Sin City Private Investigators are dedicated professionals devoted to providing our clients with personalized attention to ensure accurate and complete investigations tailored to fit their needs. We take every case seriously and use every available resource to resolve cases in a logical concise manner, with results that are accurate, consistent, and complete.


Cheating Spouses / Domestic Infidelity

Divorce Cases

Child Custody Cases

Insurance Fraud Cases

GPS Tracking / Electronic Surveillance

Bank and Investment Account Locate

Collection of Civil Judgments 

Divorce Cases

Employment Locate 

Hidden Assets

Criminal History Reports 

Telephone Number Searches 

Pre-Employment Investigations

Missing Person Cases

Utility Searches 

Call (702) 562-4079

Expert Witness Testimony

Witness Locate and Interview

Federal Criminal Case Expertise

Undercover Operations

Evidence Review

Civil Litigation Support

Collection on Judgments

Witness Locate and Service of Subpoenas

Witness Interviews

Family Court Cases

Computer Forensics

Cellular Telephone Data Recovery

Computer Analysis and Forensics

Forensic Extraction Reports

Digital Forensic Analysis

Social Media - Discovery / Collection

Call (702) 562-4079

Nevada Private Investigator's License #1421